Omaha High School gives back to other students through donation closet

Published: Jan. 29, 2020 at 9:14 PM CST
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It can be awkward for children to show up to school, without proper clothing, hygiene products, and food. Students at Omaha South High School are doing their part to give back.

The students are organizing donations that go into a closet.

Sebastian Pedroza loves the idea of giving back to kids in his school who may need it. Many of the students have been together since middle school.

“We don't want to see a member of our own high school in need...when we see that or notice it, we always lend a hand out…end of the day we are all members of the community,” Pedroza said.

This classroom is where Hannah Holguin teaches math. Just a few days ago she saw something that broke her heart.

“A gentleman came by and need a pair of pants because something happened with his. Another young man literally took off his pants and gave it to the man,” said Holguin. “We didn’t have what he needed in the closet but another kid made it happen just like that, it just leaves me speechless.”

The giving doesn’t stop there, Holguin is starting a food pantry.

“As soon as donations come in we will put them in…there are a couple of companies that want to do food drives for them,” said Holguin.

They call it the Packer Closet and they take donations from the community as well.