Old Town Elkhorn to see new developments

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- A developer's bid in Old Town Elkhorn has some excited about the future of the area, but others are worried that this will impact the town’s historic charm.

Bringing sidewalks up to code, adding new restaurants, and bringing in new artists are just a few of the goals the Old Town has in mind to bring in some new.

Tyler Curnes is the owner of Main Street Art Studio and the President of the Old Town Elkhorn Committee. He’s excited about the development.

“Recently a developer has gotten it in his mind that he thinks this is an area people will want to be in,” said Curnes.

That developer is seeking TIF money from Omaha to build a retail and housing space.

According to Curnes, the new additions to the area should actually add to the Old Town atmosphere.

“We’ll actually have old-time acorn lamps lining the street on both sides. So you’re going to have this really old-time feel to it,” said Curnes.

Perry Viers with Boyde and Charlie’s BBQ worries some of the historic charm will be lost.

“Time will tell. I believe there are some old buildings here that if they can stay here that will help retain that feel,” said Viers.

Both Viers and Curnes hope that as Omaha expands west, that it will become time for Old Town Elkhorn to become the next Benson or Blackstone.

“I’ve got to believe, long term, this is one of the new hot areas in the Omaha market,” said Curnes.