Officials to address questions in wake of sexual assault arrest

The community has been left with a lot of questions following the arrest of a metro teacher charged with sexually assaulting a child. Some answers are expected Thursday night.

Greg Sedlacek if formally charged with two counts of First Degree Sexual Assault but the case against him is a work in progress – authorities say he has admitted to more incidents.

A meeting is scheduled Thursday night at Fontenelle Elementary, where Sedlacek had been a teacher prior to his arrest. A team of experts will be at that meeting to answer any concerns from parents.

In court on Wednesday investigators said he admitted to being attracted to young children, that this wasn't his first victim and that he allegedly touched students inappropriately at other schools.

Parents will want to talk to their kids. Experts advise asking open-ended questions and they say it's important to listen.

As we've reported, Greg Sedlacek worked with children not only at Fontenelle but Holy Name and at the Pine Ridge Indian reservation. In addition, he was removed from the seminary in St. Louis for what was described as “violating boundaries” when he taught at the reservation.

The Thursday meeting for parents at Fontenelle Elementary is scheduled for 6 p.m.