Officials test for blue-green algae

A water warning - toxic blue-green algae could harm you and your pets.

The potentially lethal danger is lurking in many places this summer such as lake water.

6 News tagged along with the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy as they tested the waters.

Miek Archer works for the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy. Wednesday he went to Louiseville State Recreational Park.

"We collect samples Monday and Tuesday of every week and will have results posted Thursday, Friday morning," said Archer.

Walnut Creek park posted a sign by the water urging dog owners to be aware of the toxic algae. While there is no blue-green algae at Walnut Creek, dog owners like Ashley Leitner are still taking precautions.

"I'm a little nervous about it. As of lately, we haven't been going in the water as much," said Leitner.

Archer says there are three area lakes that do have the algae; Rockford Lake, Willow Creek, and Wagon Train Lake.

"It is deadly to humans and it is toxic to everyone that comes in contact with it," said Archer.

Most at risk of death are smaller animals and children.