Officer injured in Tuesday shooting is released from hospital

Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 6:10 PM CDT
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Omaha Police Officer Ken Fortune has been released from the hospital after being injured by gunfire on Tuesday afternoon.

His family confirms to 6 News that Officer Fortune was released from the hospital on Thursday and we're told he is doing, "a lot better."

6 News spoke with his brother, Chet Fortune who is glad to see his brother getting back on his feet.

"He's definitely glad to be home and out of the hospital."

He was injured in a confrontation with two suspects near 30th and Laurel Tuesday.

"I got a call from my father and he said that my brother had been shot and they were headed to UNMC and he was being sent to the ER,” said Chet. “From that point on, you just don't know how things will go."

One of those suspects, John Ezell Jr., was also shot as police returned gunfire in the confrontation.

Prosecutors say Brandon Richey was driving a car that police tried to pull over around 4 p.m. on September 11. Ezell was a passenger in the car.

"It's scary. “It makes you appreciate what cops go through."

The traffic stop was initiated near 26th and Laurel but authorities say Richey continued driving.

As he turned north onto 30th Street, Officer Ken Fortune tried to put down stop sticks. His first attempt failed and as he tried again, he passed and faced Ezell, who had a gun pointed at Fortune’s face. Police say he asked, ‘What’s going on?’ before shooting at Officer Fortune, hitting his microphone and his shoulder.

Both suspects got out of the car. Police say Ezell opened fire on two other officers, who returned fire. A total of seven shots were fired between Officers Jeffrey Wasmund and Christopher Brown.

Ezell was hit several times before being arrested and Officer Fortune was able to get up and arrest Richey who had his hands in the air.

"I hate to worry even more, but you know it's something he's passionate about, something he's not going to change,” said Chet Fortune. “He loves the job. He loves what he does."

It's not the first close call Fortune has had on the force. Chet says last November his squad car was shot at.

"He knows every day he could lose his life, so he knows what he's getting himself into and he's confident in the training he's had and it's shown in this last case,” said Chet Fortune. “It seems like he's performed well and I think he'd do it again if he had to."