Offensive flier found at UNO

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Tonight students at The University of Omaha are on edge after someone found an offensive flier.

Moriah Hood is going into her senior year at UNO. She hadn't seen the racist and violent flier urging people to report "any and all illegal aliens."

"At UNO campus, my experience personally, hasn't been a bad one. I do know stuff like this happens and I wish it wouldn't," said Hood. "It doesn't feel welcoming at all and I would hope that a place where we are all learning and trying to achieve big goals would be more's unfortunate we still have to deal with this."

It's summer break at UNO. Some students remain on campus for summer classes. They hope it means fewer eyes that could have come across the poster.

One student told us, "It's kind of unexpected I guess. I wouldn't expect to see that here."

Another student didn't want to talk with us on camera, but he told us he supports the poster.

A campus spokesperson tells 6 News the flier wasn't stamped for approval and should not have been posted on campus. They called it a policy violation.

Hood tells us there are some political debates on campus but language like this, doesn't belong here.

"I hope that those who it does pertain to can find spaces on campus where they feel safe," said Hood.