ORBT components destined for the metro take shape in KC

ORBT platform canopies assembled in Kansas City are destined for Omaha

Metro Transit's view of the bus transit future, known as ORBT, unveiled in May of 2018, is about to put critical pieces of its infrastructure into orbit around the metro.

The new components are taking shape with an assembly twist. The stations are being manufactured in Kansas City for shipment to Omaha where the prep work has been in progress.

Officials said platform canopies are being manufactured off-site and will be transported to Omaha and "craned into place," to reduce impact on traffic flow but you've no doubt seen the signs of the new system taking shape in your travels around town.

ORBT stands for Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, a service billed as one that will unite smart technology and streamlined travel while representing the biggest area transit investment in decades.

The new buses will run from 10th Street to Westroads Mall along Dodge and Douglas streets, with stops every 10 minutes during rush hour. The buses will be 60 feet long and powered by natural gas and will include onboard wifi and bike racks.

Metro officials tweeted some sneak peeks at the KC components during a visit there this week.

ORBT bus