OPS teacher talks to continue Monday

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Discussions were heated between OPS teachers and the district Thursday night over a number of issues, particularly salaries.

After three hours of back and forth, they did not come to a decision.

With no final decision made Thursday, the team representing the teachers agreed to come back next week with another proposal. OPS said that meeting will happen on Monday.

Thursday night was a full house — teachers even sat on the floor to listen in as the Omaha Education Association, representing the teachers, and the Omaha Public School district team went back and forth on contract details including: the budget, salaries, days of work, personal leave, and more.

Teachers didn't want to comment after the meeting, but we caught up with some of them going in to discuss their concerns.

"Kinda a little worried because already kinda struggling. Some people have two jobs, and I'm fortunate not to, but you never know."

"Even just getting a cost of living increase would be lovely, prices of thing up."

"I've seen great teachers leave OPS for other districts, and I want to make sure they're getting the pay they deserve."