OPS gives thoughtful sendoff for beloved security guard

Published: Oct. 28, 2016 at 6:04 PM CDT
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Nearly a decade and a half in the making, Omaha Public Schools said goodbye to a beloved security guard Friday.

To Ernie Wright‘s surprise all of his friends and coworkers at OPS Headquarters were there to wish him well on retirement.

Wright told WOWT 6 News he was stunned, but he was so popular we barely had time to ask him one question.

“I didn't know I thought it was a fire drill or something, there were so many people! I didn't see them until I rounded the corner there. I've never seen anything like that,” he said.

WOWT 6 News also caught a glimpse into at least one reason why Ernie will be missed as he held the door for everyone to file into his party.