OPPD warns customers about scam

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 3:06 PM CST
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We always hear about scams, but OPPD says one happening this week has a new twist: they know your address.

Omaha Public Power District officials said Wednesday that they had received 22 calls before noon and that they expected the number to grow.

Utility officials said customers were reporting getting calls with a pre-recorded message — robocalls — saying their bills were overdue, and they needed to pay up.

More troubling, however, was that the calls were targeted, providing the customers' address and claimed power would be shut off in 30 minutes if payment wasn't received. Customers were told to call an 800-number to make a payment, but that number did not connect them to OPPD and instead went straight to the thieves.

OPPD officials said they never cold call customers to demand immediate payment, and wanted to remind their customers never to give out personal or financial information to anyone — especially an unsolicited phone call.

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