OPD looking to bridge the gap with refugee communities

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The Omaha Police Department is looking to bridge the gap between refugee communities and the police, specifically Omaha’s Sudanese community.

The OPD is looking for a candidate to take on a new role working with the Sudanese community. Keith Williamson, with the Omaha Gang Unit, is hoping to find someone who speaks the language and can help the two groups connect.

“We are looking to hire someone to work with a refugee community, like the Sudanese community, and hire a Sudanese specialist that can go in there and help us connect,” said Williamson.

In April, authorities arrested several Sudanese gang members linked to a refugee community. Omaha has been reported to have one of the largest South Sudanese populations in the United States.

According to the OPD, an arrest earlier this year within a Sudanese gang uncovered 41 guns- 10 of which were stolen, and 31 ounces of marijuana.

The OPD believes a big part of this solution will be a refugee specialist.