OPD enforces construction intersection

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- As construction crews tear apart what used to be 168th Street to make way for more lanes, drivers are trying to figure out the best ways to get in and out of their northwest Omaha neighborhoods for the next eight months.

Along with extra patrols, law enforcement recently put up some friendly reminders to slow down on residential streets. Thursday morning Omaha police upped the ante – stopping people who chose to ignore the blinking red traffic signals at 168th and Bedford.

In an hour two Omaha traffic officers stopped 30 vehicles. All but one received a warning. A warning to remember that a blinking red signal means the same thing as a stop sign. The common excuse drivers told officers was that they didn’t think they had to stop because the road is closed in one direction.

The idea about stopping drivers isn’t about piling on to an already uncomfortable commute say investigators but preventing what could be a deadly collision with a dump truck or another construction vehicle coming from behind the barricades expecting the rest of us to stop. Again, Omaha police issued mostly warnings to the drivers.

The one who got a ticket, we’re told, is a driver who not only blew through the blinking red light but cut in front of another driver.