OFD puts four new medic units into service

Published: May. 2, 2019 at 2:44 PM CDT
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The Omaha Fire Department has formally rolled out the latest addition to some truly live-saving mobile technology.

Four new medic units are poised to hit the street in the metro.

Their first call was a Thursday afternoon news conference to pose for the official unveiling.

The department says the new units will provide modern technology for medics including what’s called a Knox Box.

It works as a master key for businesses using the system and allows emergency responders access to buildings at all times.

The new units are also equipped with a liquid suspension system that they hope will provide a smoother ride for patients.

OFD Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick said, “It allows better quality care in the back. We won't be bouncing around as much. It will be safer for the firefighters driving them and responding and as well for the patients while we take them to the hospital."

These units are expected to last form 10 to 15 years and come in at a cost of approximately $258,000 apiece. The funding was covered by money in the city's capital improvement project.

The new ambulances were set to be put into service immediately following their debut.

They're assigned to the following stations:

  • Station 5 (2209 Florence Blvd.)
  • Station 42 (3120 N. 102nd St.)
  • Station 61 (11111 I St.)
  • Station 78 (2909 N. 144th St.)