Not everyone goes 'around' the new Aksarben roundabout

Published: Oct. 13, 2017 at 5:03 PM CDT
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A new roundabout in the Aksarben neighborhood has some residents a little perplexed. The roundabout at 63rd and Shirley has been open for a couple of months now but it seems to have picked up a few stripes.

Not every driver drives around the roundabout – tire tracks show some have driven right over the top of it.

Jesse Cuevas lives next to the roundabout. He says it works but wishes all drivers would stay between the curbs.

"It's worked. It's slowed things down. I mean there's people that use it. Some use it correctly some don't. It's a mini roundabout so it's kind of made for bigger vehicles to kind of go over it at times. Is it perfect? No, but the other one wasn't perfect either I have no idea how you would really fix it,” he said.

Six News contacted the city and were told the roundabout is working properly.

It's designed so that large trucks can drive over it – if necessary.

A crew was out making a small change Thursday. Plastic reflectors are now glued in place. City workers drilled into the concrete and secured the reflectors with bolts.

As for the tire tracks, Jesse Cuevas is philosophical.

"Anything that has people involved in it, there's gonna be a problem at some point. So to me it, you know, I think it's about as good as it's going to get,” he said.

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