No Answers 10 Years Later

Published: Jun. 12, 2011 at 9:36 PM CDT
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Partly out of frustration, mostly out of empathy, Jim and Kelly Jolkowski began

, with the hopes of keeping their son’s story alive and helping other families.

“We’ve accomplished a lot,” said Kelly. “We’ve helped pass laws in eight or more states which have successfully helped find missing people and help law enforcement there.” She spoke with Channel 6 News at Sempek Lanes in Elkhorn Sunday, during a fundraiser for Project Jason.

“We’ve established the only retreat in the country and maybe in the world where families of both missing children and adults can attend and they can learn coping skills, how do I get by day-to-day in this horrible mystery that just unfortunately doesn’t go away?”

And it hasn’t gone away for the Jolkowskis. Their son disappeared at the age of 19, last seen the morning of June 13, 2001, bringing trash cans in from the curb of his home near 48th and Bedford.

Jason had been called in to work early, his mother said, but had no way to get there since his car was in the shop. “They offered to send one of the co-workers to pick him up. They agreed to meet at Benson high school which is seven blocks from our home.”

But Jason never made it to Benson, according to school surveillance cameras. He hasn’t used his cell phone or accessed his bank account since before he went missing. There were no signs he planned to leave, yet no proof he was forcibly taken.

“There’s usually some sort of lead or theories or clues that lead them somewhere, but in our case, there just simply isn’t.”

Time has passed slowly for the Jolkowskis, but the lack of answers hasn’t stopped their search. “And we know that someday we will know, we just don’t know if it was on this earthly plane or somewhere else,” Kelly said.

She’s confident somebody has information that will solve the mystery. “We keep going out there and keep the word out to find that person or persons and to ask them please, go to the police, you can go anonymously through 444-7867, and give them the information that will unravel this mystery.” Those calls, she stresses, can remain anonymous.

It’s not closure they're seeking. "No matter what happens, it's not a closed door. So we simply want answers as to what happened. And even if those answers are hard to take, it's better than no answers."

Still, the family is holding out hope their son may be alive. He would be 30-years-old on June 24th. "Hope is our right and we will hold onto that right until we know the truth."

Meantime, no matter what happens with their son’s case, she said their work on behalf of other missing adults and children, in Jason’s name, will continue. “Everyone is loved and is somebody's child, and all these families deserve answers.”