No threat too small for Bellevue schools and police department

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT)-- It all centers around a middle school in Bellevue, in the current climate, no threat is too small.

Parents of students at Logan Fontenelle received a letter from the school Thursday. The principal is describing rumors going around that someone was threatening to shoot up the school.

This sent police on a swift investigation. No matter how credible or where a threat comes from, police will always investigate school violence.

Lt. Andy Jashinske with the Bellevue Police Department was alerted of the rumors.

“I think this is the new normal now because there have been a significant amount of school shootings throughout the United States, we have to take everyone seriously,” said Jashinske.

An investigation led the Bellevue Police Department to three people who they say were involved in the threat. After questioning them and other witnesses, they decided not to ticket or arrest anyone.

“No citations issued for this event. Turned out the threats that were made were overheard by kids and weren’t directly about the school,” said Jashinski.

Lt. Jashinshki credits the invaluable partnership between Bellevue Police and the Bellevue Schools. The School’s SRO is routinely trained to deal with these types of situations.

After rumors swirled outside the classroom, the school’s principal Doug Schaefer sent a letter to parents this morning saying in part, “Rest assured students are safe and the school day will continue as normal…” He goes on to ask parents to talk with their children and encourage them to reach out to counselors, teachers, or principals if they need support or have concerns.

Police were called to investigate a separate incident at the school later in the day. The principal sent a letter home to families saying that Bellevue Police arrested two people for trespassing and for an outstanding warrant.