"No Matter Who Pulls the Trigger" BLM Rally

Published: Sep. 15, 2016 at 10:41 PM CDT
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Chants rang out on the corner of 30th and Ames Thursday afternoon. Local Black Lives Matter activists held a rally unlike most. The message wasn't about police brutality; it was about stopping all forms of violence in their community.

Activists gathered in an effort to stop violence no matter who is on the other side of the trigger. Some who attended Thursday’s rally have experienced street violence firsthand.

“It doesn't matter if the violence is coming from a cop or a neighbor though. It's gotta stop,” said Hansel Morrow.

He knows because he's seen a drive-by shooting nearly take out his family members.

"My brother got hit in the side. You know what I mean, my mom and my little sister were outside though,” said Morrow.

Morrow said he was once enticed by gang life, but after seeing the impact on his family he couldn't see the value of the lifestyle.

"For what? Stop. Put it down. Pick a book up. Something,” Morrow said.

Omaha Police officers were asked to come out, not just for safety, but to take part in conversations.

"We may not agree with each other on the message necessarily but if we can have that civil discourse as citizens then that's what it's all about,” said Omaha Police Captain Scott Gray.

Activists say the attention has been brought to so many issues in recent years.

"Now it's time to work. Now it's time to make some efforts and do something about it. We have young ones here that we all want to see grow up and be successful,” said activist Kassandra White.

The children who they believe are learning from what they're seeing. So if they can help them see the way to better their community. They'll someday see a community where violence isn't a solution.

"These streets aren't going to pay your bills, these streets aren't going to raise you family. It's going to give you nothing but death,” said Morrow.

So this rally had a specific message they wanted to get out taking a stand against all violence. These activists have more events they're already planning for the future.

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