Nigerian man sentenced in Nebraska to prison for email scam

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OMAHA, Neb. (AP) - A Nigerian man convicted of scamming at least two Nebraska victims out of thousands of dollars has been sentenced to federal prison.

Federal prosecutors say 32-year-old Adewale Aniyeloye was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison for wire fraud. Restitution will be determined and ordered at a later date.

Prosecutors say that from about February 2015 to September 2016, Aniyeloye and other co-conspirators engaged in a form of email fraud called spoofing. Aniyeloye used hijacked email accounts that appeared to be legitimate to thousands of business employees across the United States who had accounting responsibilities and would direct the recipients to complete wire transfers. The business employees, thinking the requests were legitimate, would comply.

In 2016, Aniyeloye was arrested when he traveled to the U.S. Prosecutors say businesses lost more than $6 million in the scam, including two in Nebraska that lost more than $163,000.