New soul food spot debuts in North Omaha

Published: Jun. 26, 2018 at 6:20 PM CDT
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In North Omaha there’s a new restaurant in an old restaurant’s place. What used to be the Fair Deal Café is now Emery’s Café. This place is named after the owner’s family who taught her all about the restaurant business.

“Most of the recipes are from my grandparent’s. My great grandparent’s café, which started in 1927 – don’t quote me to that year – but it was quite a while ago. So I’m just recreating what my family already started,” said Diamond Simms. “I recently lost my grandparents in the last few years and they were the heart and soul to our soul food cooking.”

Simms is the owner of Emery’s Café. She plans to bring what she calls "real southern cuisine" to the community. The new owner understands the tradition of this location.

The Old Fair Deal Café sat on this location years ago, it was replaced with a new building but with the same name. Diamond says she’s both excited and nervous about working on the legendary block.

“Mr. Hall’s legacy and what he left behind and how unique it was to be here – so carrying a part of that touch added more pressure because everyone tells me he had the best food at that time. Now, I’m in his building. So I have to live up to his standards along with my family’s standards.”

Diamond Simms says she hopes her café will help make North 24th Street, once again, the street of dreams.

Emery’s Café is open seven days a week and is located south of 24th and Lake.