New geo-fencing restricts scooter access in the metro

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- A radius of several blocks around TD-Ameritrade Park is the new no-go zone for Lime and Spine scooters.

Establishing the zones means the two brands in a six-month pilot program here are now keeping a promise they made to the mayor before hitting the streets.

"It's not only for the College World Series," Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said Wednesday. "They told us they would get the geofencing we asked for in the original bid to get it up, and they said they would have it up by the College World Series. It's not only for (CWS); it will stay."

If a rider enters the restricted areas, the scooter will slow to 5 mph, and the give a warning through the scooter app.

Stothert said even with the additional geofencing, she's undecided on the scooter's longevity in the metro.

"I'm still hesitant to support them. There are some people who love them and there are some people who hate them." Stothert said.

Stothert said she's keeping in touch with police to keep track of the number of citations scooter riders receive. As of Tuesday night, seven warnings and one criminal citation have been handed out.

Abbey Jackson was in Aksarben on Wednesday riding a Lime scooter. She said if alternate transportation is available, fewer people might turn to drunken driving.

"I think it would be a nice way for people not to drink and drive and to have some flexibility to get in and out of areas and restaurants and the games and add in another fun flavor down there," Jackson said.

Police have said they will be monitoring the new no-go zone and will hand out citations to people breaking rules like riding on sidewalks, breaking traffic laws and riding on roads with a speed limit faster than 35 mph.