New details in wild police chase leaves officer with a verbal warning

Picture: MGN
Picture: MGN(KKTV)
Published: Jan. 14, 2020 at 9:16 PM CST
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We have learned a lot more about what appeared to be a simple accident over the weekend. When a car crashed into the headquarters of Omaha Public Schools.

We have been digging into reports and learned how one officer took two alleged bad guys off the street and we discovered the officer was in the car.

Cuming is a busy street. Officers often patrol it. Saturday morning was no different when an Omaha Police Officer conducted a traffic stop. An open container in the front seat gave the officer probable cause to search the car.

The officer on the driver side opened the door and asked the driver to step out of the car.

During traffic stops there is fear of the unknown and you can't predict how the driver is going to act.

“This was the worst thing that could happen, the driver ends upshifting and puts it in drive,” said Captain Mark Matuza.

Now at this point, the officer is already halfway inside the car when they are taking off on Cuming Street. She's able to pull the wheel over, they go over the median and then hit that building.

“Part of what we do is to get the bad guy off the street and it's exactly what she did,” said Matuza.

However, OPD has a strict pursuit policy that keeps internal. Matuza and this officer realize things could have gone differently.

“In an email, she did say had she had the chance to do it over she probably wouldn't have reached in the car we want our officers to be aggressive but at the same time to be safe and it’s difficult to do,” said Matuza.

The officer was thrown out of the car on impact. She is okay but according to police reports, she did have some neck, back, and head pain.

Matuza says she will receive just a verbal reminder on not to do that again.

Two people were taken into custody and arrested. A third passenger was able to get away and police are still looking for that person tonight.

The driver, 55-year-old Timothy Trimble was charged this week with assaulting an officer and driving a car to avoid arrest. His bond was set at a half-million dollars, his preliminary hearing has been set for February 19th.

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