New channel carves through Plattsmouth after flood

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PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. (WOWT)-- Flood recovery will take years, but for one community they expect the water to never go away.

The Heartland Flood has caused some lingering problems for Plattsmouth, affecting the town's water-treatment plant and aging infrastructure. (Lileana Pearson / WOWT)

The Missouri River used to be the only river to meander through Plattsmouth, now the Platte River comes straight through.

City leaders like Mayor Paul Lambert, believe that the high water and ice that came through in March, has carved a new channel into the town.

“In a normal flood, it floods and recedes. We’re in a situation now where it’s not going to recede. This is the new normal, the Platte River running by here,” said Lambert.

According to the City Administrator Erv Portis, the water is traveling south and circling around. The Platte has always flowed into the Missouri, but now half of it takes a short cut, a new route, a detour into Plattsmouth.

“Platte River Bank Cut. That’s what I’ve gotten from the Corps of Engineers. I figure they know what they’re doing so I’ll use their names,” said Portis.

The Platte River Bank Cut is the reason it will be so hard to get to the water treatment plant.

“I think the water is permanent. Unless somebody with a miracle solution comes in with a pot of gold and fixes the riverbank, this is a permanent problem for us,” said Portis.