New app helps entrepreneurial women break through business barriers

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Women looking to break into business have a new helper in the form of an app called Her Headquarters.

Business-minded women can now download the app that was created by a Creighton graduate who realized early on the value of collaborating. The new tech tool helps female entrepreneurs find the perfect partner.

The Fashion Institute of the Midwest is where Karisa Malchow's passion comes to life. Malchow makes customized clothing for tall women. "The company's called Stature," she said. “For obvious reasons we want to be proud of our stature. We're going to make sure all these proportions are correct."

But Stature as a business didn't come so naturally. "Because we said we were customized - nobody wanted to touch us."

Karisa had to change that reputation and she found her answer at her fingertips in the Her Headquarters app.

Carina Glover is the creator. “We found the gems for you and we only gave the gems access." Gems as in like-minded women ready to forge business success focused on beauty, fashion, entertainment and public relations.

"So, when they click on a collaboration in Her Headquarters they get information about the brand, they get specifics on what the partnership opportunity is."

The app uses the power of partnerships. Once logged on, users can find vetted partners. Their success rate even evaluated. Connections can be based locally and beyond.

“They don't have to spend time in a meeting or another conference call, spending time that they already don't have."

Karisa was one of first women to test out the platform. Through the app she found a public relations partner for Stature.

"Okay, we've got this fashion show coming up and we need some people to help us talk about it."

That talk has since brought a booming business Karisa could once only dream of.

“It's been amazing to work with Her Headquarters. It’s just helped us grow exponentially."

Karisa says the opportunities are endless. “Here's a select pool of women that I know I can reach out to, that feel the struggle, that are experts in the field, that are going to help me grow. It's been amazing."

Her Headquarters is releasing in Los Angeles, New York, Miami and Omaha.