New Nebraska laws slated to go into effect on Thursday

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Nebraska will see a flurry of new state laws this week, including safeguards to fight prescription painkiller abuse, looser gun regulations and a policy that will make it easier to massage horses for money.

The 117 laws will go into effect Thursday, three months after this year's legislative session ended and the end of the normal grace period for new state statutes.

Included on the list are laws designed to promote remote telehealth medicine, protect consumers' personal data and avoid a looming automatic tax increase. One law will make it a misdemeanor to threaten or harass someone by text message.

Another give sex trafficking victims with a prostitution conviction the chance to clear their criminal record.

For a list of the bills and resolutions from the legislature's second session, click here. You can then find more information on each by searching its number here.