New Barnacle devices collecting big money for Omaha

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- The City of Omaha is collecting big money from those who aren’t paying their parking tickets, in part due to the cities new Barnacle devices that launched in August.

Instead of a boot on your wheel, Omaha has made the switch to a big yellow device that locks on your windshield. They’re GPS tracked, completely block your view, and are raking in some big numbers for the city.

In the last two months, the city has deployed 110 Barnacles and 96 drivers have paid late fees. The city has collected more than $15,000 in late fees.

Drivers who have three or more unpaid parking tickets could see the barnacle on their windshield. To get it off, drivers must swipe their credit card on the device and return the Barnacle.

So far, three units have been illegally removed or damaged and two haven’t been returned. Those drivers will lose a $300 deposit, each Barnacle costs $875, and the company fully intends to go after the drivers to collect those balances.