Neighbors relieved over sidewalk costs after given options

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Homeowners along a southwest Omaha Street are relieved that they won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars in less than three weeks.

Twenty-one property owners received a notice stating they had twenty days to replace hazardous sidewalks or the city would do it and bill them.

Mayor Jean Stothert says that a deadline letter is required by law but the city is far more flexible. Sixty days is a minimum and its likely nine months before any repairs could be made by a city contractor.

The cost won’t be assessed for a year and homeowners can make payments over five years. City inspectors meet with a few homeowners today to explain their options.

Larry Berray a homeowner said, “No I feel relieved I’m not being pressured to jump through a hoop right now. I’ve got time with the options that they gave us.”

Roberta Lamb another homeowner said, "Guy from the city gave us different options like you don’t have to tear that out. You can fill that in and I’ll come back out and approve it.”

For those needing sidewalk replacement, the city is less expensive and the concrete work comes with a warranty.