Neighbors helping neighbors across the metro during COVID-19 epidemic

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 5:10 PM CDT
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Difficult times can bring out the best in us. We spent the day in Blair and Missouri Valley watching neighbors helping neighbors in this tough time.

Ten in the morning and things are getting busy at Butch's Deli in Blair. Owner Adam Thiel is making sandwiches as fast as he can but they are not for sale.

"I was approached by the church it was an opportunity to help people not only the community my employees and it's gonna help me keep my doors open and keep paying my employees,” said Thiel.

That church is Country Bible in Blair. Outreach pastor Steve Doolin says this is an opportunity to feed school kids in the area.

He sees this as a supplement to the food programs still in place in otherwise closed schools.

And this is not limited to just school kids.

Steve Doolin said, “And we're not just providing them out of butches deli we're actually bringing them to them in their homes we've also expanded to now helping lock in's shut-ins the elderly".

All of this food is being underwritten by The Country Bible Church, Butch's Deli and the Blair Community.

Thiel said, "We've had people come in my door with cash donations gift cards product everything from fruit to water to snacks to put in the lunches for the kids".

Meals are delivered by volunteers and by eleven they are lined up out front ready to go.

This all started eight days ago with forty-seven meals. This morning they distributed two hundred and fifty-one.

"It's humbling to see a community come together like this to try to help people,” said Thiel.

And down the road in Missouri Valley more neighbors helping neighbors. Minnie Fisher has been busy delivering flowers to people who are shut-in during this time.

Now she's getting help from another downtown business. Altogether nearly 200 roses have been distributed.

Minnie Fisher, Fishers Petals and Posies said, "I was able to partner up with a local businessman Mark Guinan he owns a local heating and air conditioning company here in town and we were able to deliver a hundred and twenty smiles to our local skilled nursing facility."

And at the library, they are asking kids to drop off pictures and encouraging notes that can be delivered to people who are alone right now.

Deann Kruempel, Children's Librarian Missouri Valley said, "These people are suddenly isolated all alone they can't have visitors lonely and we thought this is one small thing we can do."

The library is bagging up the artwork daily and all will hold on to it for at least a week before distributing it.

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