Neighbors frustrated over dead landlines, look for answers

Published: May. 8, 2020 at 9:10 PM CDT
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Calls of frustration to CenturyLink by two customers in northwest Omaha and there may be more.

She has a cell phone but living on the edge of town Janet marksman prefers her CenturyLink landline.

“I always have one it’s just a security thing,” said Janet.

But she’s had an insecure feeling for a week.

“I noticed it Saturday when I wasn’t getting any calls. I went to call my friend to check on him who is elderly and there was no service,” said Janet.

Neighbor Cathy Mertz also has a CenturyLink landline that’s been dead a week.

”I know in this time and day we’re always expecting things to get fixed quickly. I think we’ve been more than patient for seven days to be without local phone service,” said Cathy.

I called both and got answers that neither wants to hear. “We’re sorry, all circuits are busy now. Leave a message for 402…”

But it wasn’t there recording.

Both customers say, doctors, dentists, and other important calls come to their home phone.

”My doctor and pharmacy have this number,” said Cathy.

After an email from 6 On Your Side, a CenturyLink spokesman said the customer service team is researching the problem. After it’s solved both customers expect more than an apology.

“I want the days without service deducted from my bill,” said Janet.

And they hope CenturyLink will answer on next month’s bill.

Both CenturyLink customers told us their landline phones started working again late this afternoon. CenturyLink replied that it’s still looking into what happened and how many customers were affected. They promise an answer to us next week.