Neighbors don't hold back on retaining wall condition

Published: Jun. 1, 2018 at 3:08 PM CDT
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Neighbors and owners of a vacant Omaha restaurant building have a strained relationship over the condition of a retaining wall that divides them. They've leaned on the city for help.

Homeowner David Debolt said rotting timbers don't shore up his confidence in the wall's stability. Debolt said, ”I just hope it doesn’t collapse when there’s a big truck up there.”

The wall belongs to owners of vacant restaurant building who made improvements six years ago. But not enough for neighbor Pam Duncan. Duncan said, "The last two segments need to be replaced because obviously this is heading this way.”

Omaha’s Chief Code Enforcer has investigated neighbors concerns.

Jay Davis said, ”I feel for them but there’s not much we can do with it. I mean it’s not structurally failing, the water unfortunately going to run downhill. What’s there is grandfathered. There’s nothing we can force them to upgrade to.”

Davis says he will encourage wall owner Swish Properties to talk with worried neighbors.

Neighbor David Debolt said, ”I'd like them to step up and get this wall replaced so I can continue to make my back yard nice and try to make the neighborhood better.”

Duncan said, "If this collapses, how we going to run around and find who owns the place anymore?”

Swish Properties and KT Restaurants are listed as owners of the former restaurant building. Their office is vacant and the attorney listed as corporate agent didn’t call 6 News back.