Neighbors concerned about unfinished construction, gaping hole in road

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The long hours that crews are working to repair potholes has pushed some other repairs down the list.

In one neighborhood, parents are concerned about a sewer repair that they believe has become a hazard.

Raven Oaks residents measure the sewer repair two ways: with a calendar and with a yardstick.

"They took it out in February," resident Kendra Mathews said. "This is 26."

"It's about 17 inches," resident Riki Clawson said.

The runoff water is deep and dark enough that the parents worry a curious child could ignore the barricades and fall in the hole.

"There's lots of especially, like, small kids in this neighborhood. And this is just dangerous," Clawson said.

Two days after talking to the parents, Six On Your Side returned to the project to see a change.

After weeks, the concerned neighbors saw the open street cut filled in. But not with dirt and concrete. It was with the barricades that blew into the dirty water.

Omaha's street maintenance engineer, Austin Rowser, said he'll research records on the sewer repair but believes it's the city's responsibility to fix the street cut.

Rowser told Six On Your Side that all city crews were on snow plow duty in February and March, and then in mid0March were moved to the pothole emergency.

"We don't want to cause a big to-do with the city, but we think safety is an important thing, and I know people are getting flat tires. And that's important also, but this is children at play," Mathews said.

Rowser said all street holes, whether Mother Nature or man-made, will be repaired and asked for patience.

"I think it's taking entirely too long," Clawson said.

The engineer said repairs on street cuts have been contracted out and that he'll find out where the Raven Oaks Dr. project is on the list.

UPDATE: Repairs on the road began on May 14 after Six On Your Side contacted the Public Works Department.