Neighborhood meeting boils over then cools down

Published: Apr. 20, 2017 at 7:12 PM CDT
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A southwest Omaha neighborhood has been in turmoil over spending by its homeowners association board. Residents consider their dues like tax money and they want answers. Mike McKnight first reported the controversy and was at a neighborhood meeting when it all came to head.

Tension between several Walnut Grove homeowners and their association board president gave the meeting a less than "neighborly" start. Board President Anne Rewolinski said, "As far as I'm concerned you can disbanded this homeowners association."

That led to applause.

Homeowners are upset how required dues have been spent. From plowing a five home private drive to park maintenance that they say the city is responsible for.

"So you have no basis for taking dues or having dues for anything," one homeowner said.

The president said thousands of dollars have been spent to go beyond what the city does. Anne Rewolinski said, "People that have been doing all this work are the board that you think are so inefficient."

A consensus from the meeting is that the 288 property owners in Walnut Grove won't be paying any association dues for 2017 or maybe ever again.