Nebraskans gather to support impeachment of President Trump

Published: Dec. 17, 2019 at 9:29 PM CST
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A crowd gathered in Turner Park on Tuesday for one cause: to support impeaching President Trump.

"Realize that every day he's in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, he's degrading the office of the president," one impeachment supporter said at the rally.

As the House moves closer to

, those in Omaha pushed their point that "No One is Above the Law." One Omaha man said the White House has ignored that idea for too long.

"Six-year-olds in cages just because they are escaping a war-torn impoverished country is pretty awful," he said. "That alone he should have been removed from office for doing that."

Erin Porterfield of Omaha said at the very least, she hopes the proceedings have brought to light enough information that will change the minds of voters.

"There are smaller blue dots throughout Nebraska and the Midwest. Maybe so small they're not showing up on a map but I'm hoping those will grow," Porterfield said.

She said the inquiry has encouraged her to be more politically active and now she encourages others, saying she believes a rally of several hundred people in Omaha can make a difference.