Nebraska hemp grower to help at conference to improve pilot program

Published: Feb. 5, 2020 at 9:13 PM CST
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A stamp of approval is spurring hemp growth in Nebraska after the government signed off on the state's plan to grow the crop.

Last year 10 growers were selected to take part in Nebraska’s hemp pilot program. The Nebraska Department of AG says that the program was crucial in paving the way to make hemp an important industry in the state.

One of those growers tells 6 News succeeding in the business comes down to being educated about the crop.

"We're working with speakers from around the country, several in the Midwest that have grown on a larger scale already. We're asking them to come in and talk to our farmers and tell them what they've learned so we don't experience some of the same lessons and the costly experiences,” said Annette Wiles, a grower.

Annette Wiles is taking part in a conference on growing hemp at the Nebraska Innovation Campus in Lincoln on May 12th.