Nebraska Task Force One joins search for missing man

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SPENCER, Neb. -- Nebraska Task Force One has joined the search for a man in Boyd County who has been missing since his home and bar were washed away by flooding.

NETF1 tweeted they are joining forces with NEMA, the Nebraska State Patrol, and the Nebraska National Guard in the search for Ken Angel.

Angel, 71, who owned a bar and lived near the Spencer Dam in Boyd County, has not been seen in more than three weeks. He is believed to have been caught in flood waters after the Spencer Dam broke on March 14th.

"For the last week and a half it's looked like a lot of tears for our family," Coral Angel, Ken's sister, said. "A lot of hope, a lot of mud, a lot of ice."

A Nebraska Public Power District employee made the last known contact with Ken Angel to warn him to evacuate his home as it started to look like the dam might fail.

It is unknown if he was in his home, or trying to leave the area when he disappeared. Even his trucks and tractor are gone, apparently lost in the currents.

"I was devastated from the pictures," said Angel. "I was appalled when I did get here. When I went and walked out into the ruins of our valley."

Friends, family, and local law enforcement continue to search for Ken but Angel says conditions are treacherous on foot.

"You know we had a lot of hope that we would have luck finding Ken, finding any of the pick-ups," said Angel. "As times gone on we just become more sad. The search is somewhat stymied at this point because it really needs to be an aerial search and we do not have the capabilities as a family."

Coral fears that as the river continues to claim land, clues to the whereabouts of her brother might also be washed away.

"The river is taking the land quickly," said Angel. "When it takes the land, it's also taking the ice that's on the land. We have a deep fear that this is where the clues are for where Kenny may be. We really just want to recover Ken."