Police suspect student for Nebraska City school threat

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NEBRASKA CITY, Neb. (News Channel Nebraska) -- Police say a Nebraska City woman who was taken into custody during a school lockdown in Nebraska City Thursday had made threats at a business in town but did not have a role in threats against the school.

Capt. Lonnie Neeman said a student was detained after authorities acquired a cell phone the threats came from.

Law enforcement went door to door in the high school and escorted Nebraska City High School students in groups of 10-15 out of the building to the Bethel United Church of Christ.

Otoe County Dispatch received a call at 10:06 a.m. from an unknown female claiming to be at Arbor Lodge.

Neeman said the caller threatened to shoot a middle school teacher.

While police were at the middle school, the caller called again. This time, the dispatcher heard an announcement that the school was in lockout.

Sgt. Ben Murry suggested that the middle school was on lockdown, not lockout, and thought the call must have originated from the high school.

A student inside the high school said police were monitoring the hallways. Another student at the high school said they took cover under their desks during the entire lockdown, while law enforcement searched each classroom and told the students to stay where they were.

Police were looking for a dark blue or purple pick-up. The vehicle was spotted in front of a residence at 13th and 1st Corso and law enforcement said they took the suspect into custody.

Officials have the situation under control and said there was never an active shooter and there was no indication there was anyone inside the schools with a weapon.

The state patrol does not anticipate any other arrests at this time. No injuries have been reported.

Police remain on scene at the schools and the situation remains under investigation.