Nazi hate speech invades Omaha Little Free Libraries

Published: Jul. 15, 2018 at 6:31 PM CDT
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Parents around the Omaha area are concerned their children are being exposed to Nazi propaganda.

Books centered around Nazi Germany are showing up in Little Free Libraries, and parents say they are fed up.

The Little Free Libraries are scattered around Omaha neighborhoods. They're meant to house free books for children, so when they walk past they can pick one out and have a new book to read.

Over the past week, booklets titled, "You and Your Folk," have been popping up in the libraries. They are texts translated to English and originating from works published in Nazi Germany.

The text of the booklet says it's meant to be given to German boys and girls once they finish basic schooling and it summarizes Nazi Reich, race and patriotism.

Mary Kelly was shocked to find one of the booklets in her neighborhood library.

"The fact that it was in my little library, which we put here for all the neighborhood kids, because this neighborhood has tons of kids, and it's sort of a sharing library. You can take a book if you want, you can leave a book if you want. And, the fact that that's there, that they could get their hands on... it's disgusting," said Kelly.

Mostly, people fear the booklets getting in the hands of children.

"There's always children in this little library, all the time. I keep it stocked with kids books and I just don't want them exposed to that," said Linda Lundeen.

One local man is taking the removal of the booklets upon himself. J.D. Mossberg was filing through Kelly's Little Free Library this morning and found another one.

"I found this Nazi book that was in the neighborhood that was in the book case over here," explained Mossberg.

He told Kelly to call the police.

"They're bad, and they're gross and disgusting," said Mossberg.

He said he wont stop until he's checked every bookshelf in his neighborhood.

"Whosever [sic] doing this better know that our neighborhood doesn't stand for the Swastika or Nazis or evil," said Mossberg.

The anti-defamation group in Omaha said they've received hundreds of complaints and they're working with Omaha police to combat the hate speech.