National Christmas tree shortage impacting Nebraska tree farms

Published: Nov. 22, 2019 at 4:07 PM CST
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If you plan on having a real Christmas tree this Holiday season you might want to hurry. There is a nationwide Christmas tress shortage that means a tight supply and higher prices.

Over the last few years, the weather has been in total control of Christmas trees in our area.

Scott Nordstrom’s family has been bagging up trees for decades.

“Well I’m the second generation so my dad, we started about 1970 so we’re going on fifty years,” said Nordstrom.

The Nordstrom family says there is a shortage of live trees at their Christmas tree farm, near Bennington. It takes about 7 to 10 years to grow a tree ready for sale and the last few years have not been good years for growing Christmas trees.

“Back about 2012 we had a really hot summer, hot fall, very little rain, I probably planted 2,000 trees had to hand-water them at that time three times a week for five or six weeks during that time I may have saved five hundred out of 2,000,” said Nordstrom.

With fewer trees for sale, customers looking for real trees will have to pay a bit more.

“If it’s a six-foot tree we’re looking at $11 a foot, its $66 for a six-foot tree, so we did go up about ten percent,” said Nordstrom.

Cirian’s Christmas tree company has a good selection of trees, but not as many as they wanted.

“We get anywhere from 12 to 14 hundred trees, this year closer to the 1,200 side. We like to be around 1,400,” said Cirian.

With fewer Christmas trees on the farms and in the lots, it’s best to buy early.

“The ones that are short this year are the balsams and Frazier’s people usually go for first so if that’s what you like and that’s what you want the earlier the better,” said Cirian.

Due to the short supply, Nordstrom Tree Farm will only be selling over Thanksgiving weekend instead of the usual two to three weekends.

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