NSP gives us a glimpse inside the central Nebraska snow globe

While the I-80 corridor is back open for business in central Nebraska, Thursday's storm left a mess behind that lingered into Friday.

Storm Aftermath
Nebraska State Patrol tweets are giving us a glimpse of the aftermath as wrecked vehicles remained lodged in the snow-savaged countryside.

Pictures from the Grand Island area show an SUV nose-down in a creek, another on its side with a shattered windshield and a third vehicle with a status that was a work in progress as a tow crew arrived.

The tweet advised: "Trp C is becoming a parking lot today. I80 travelers are everywhere. Ditches and medians are full.

Some of the wreckage is from the slick pavement that remained on Friday. As another tweet stated: "Troopers and Deputies have been busy today continuing to cover slideoffs."

And sometimes even the rescuers need a little rescuing. One NSP cruiser wound up one wheel short on a four-wheel-drive kind of day.

The pictures tell the story of conditions that are still not favorable for travel. Use caution if you're out there. Visibility is reduced and dry pavement can quickly give way to a wind-swept coating of snow and ice.

By Friday morning, Troopers had responded to roughly 200 weather-related incidents.

“Our troopers and dispatchers have been busy assisting stranded motorists, investigating crashes, and working with NDOT crews to both close and reopen Interstate 80,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “We’d like to thank the public for their patience and for the vast majority who have utilized sound winter driving practices to stay safe.”

If you get stranded out there, you can call *55 from any cell phone to reach the NSP Highway Helpline.

For Any Emergency Call 911