NHS pets face rigorous checks before they're offered for adoption

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Nebraska Humane Society teams have been busy lately. The critter population has been exploding and getting all their guests prepped for adoption is a daunting task.

NHS pets faces rigorous checks before being offered for adoption

Space is tight at NHS due, in part, to construction. They’re working had to get pets into the adoption lane.

That can take some effort. Here’s some of the prep work that takes place in advance of adoption.

  • On intake, dogs get a kennel cough vaccination and cats get an upper respiratory vaccination
  • Everyone gets a quick health check to look for obvious wounds, issues or signs they might need further treatment
  • Once in the adoption program all are spayed or neutered
  • They are microchipped
  • While they are under the anesthesia they do other services too like dental cleanings and extractions, nail trims, and extreme grooming for matted animals
  • Dogs get heartworm tests, receive combination vaccines for parvo and cats receive feline leukemia tests and rabies shots
  • NHS also provides surgeries for animals who need amputations or eye surgeries for entropion issues. Diagnostic tests are used in heart or thyroid issues are suspected
  • Pets are treated for kennel cough and upper respiratory in shelter
  • Once physically fixed, staff and volunteers provide scared dogs and overly rowdy dogs with behavior support and enrichment
  • The team also fosters babies

Right now, for those services, NHS is asking adopters for minimal adoption fees. Dogs are on sale too. Adult cats are free and kittens are just $75 and two-for-one.