NDOT prepares to remove snow from roads

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - The Nebraska Department of Transportation said they're loaded up and ready to go for when the winter storm heads into the metro Friday night.

NDOT Highway Maintenance Superintendent Jim Laughlin said his crews have been worked all day to get the plows ready.

"Right now, they're just hooking them up so they'll all be ready to go when it starts," he said. "We have roughly 40 trucks in the greater Omaha area, and they'll all be out."

Each truck will head out to areas of the interstate and be able to treat two lanes at a time.

Laughlin said what the crews do could change as the storm moves in overnight.

"It just depends on the timing of this storm. If it comes down as rain on this cold pavement, we'll put salt down on it right away just to keep it liquid until it starts snowing," he said.

Laughlin pointed out the "salt dome," which holds 8,500 tons of salt.

"This is what keeps the roads safe," he said.

NDOT crews were just waiting for the green light to get to work Friday.

"I would ask people to use a lot of care tonight," Laughlin said. "If they don't have to be out, don't be out."

Snow was already creeping into the metro as of 9 p.m., and roads were already becoming covered in areas to the south.

Stay up to date on road conditions by visiting the Nebraska 511 website.