Mysterious water leak that frustrated neighborhood gets fixed

 Source of mysterious water leak is located and repaired.
Source of mysterious water leak is located and repaired. (WOWT)
Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 7:36 PM CST
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A mystery has surfaced in a Sarpy County neighborhood on the southwest side of the metro. For three months residents have demanded a solution and they get it after Six On Your Side investigates.

In her walk to the mailbox Nancy Peterson worries about future medical bills. The Meadows homeowner said, “I’m afraid I’m going to fall and hurt myself. In the morning this is all ice.”

Nancy and her daughter Shannon Scherbring claim that since September there’s been a persistent water leak in the middle of the street. A neighbor said, “Sprouting new little streams in different places.”

A morning freeze doesn’t stop the stream of water that flows downhill turning the water leak into more than a nuisance. As the temperatures drop, it becomes ice. That greets drivers approaching a stop sign.

Shannon Scherbring said, “We see people drive through all the time because they can’t stop on the ice.”

In September MUD blamed an excessive sprinkler up the street and in October MUD fixed a neighbors connection to the main. But in November and December, the leak continued.

Scherbring said, “It’s a total mystery.”

At 9am Wednesday Six on Your Side contacted Metropolitan Utilities District and by 1:30 pm a large MUD crew arrived to search for the source of the mysterious and nagging water leak.

Homeowner Nancy Peterson said, “I’m glad things are finally getting done, it’s been a long time. I hope now I can get my mail so I don’t fall.”

There's good news to report because MUD workers found a small split on the water main. Repairs took place late Wednesday afternoon and water service restored to the neighborhood shortly afterward. MUD said it heard the neighbors’ complaints earlier this fall but leaks are ranked by severity and it’s taken a few weeks to get to this one.

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