Motel clerk shaken after armed robbery

Police are on the hunt for two robbery suspects, who held up a motel, Wednesday night.

"The first thing that came into my mind, okay, he's going to rob us and they're going to leave, but when he shot I knew it was pretty much serious,” said Vishavjit Goria, Rodeway Inn clerk.

Police were called to Rodeway Inn near 78th St. and Dodge St. around 8:15 p.m. for shots fired.

"He said get your hands up and there is a drawer, so and immediately the other guy he fired a shot."

Surveillance cameras inside the motel lobby captured two suspects disguised in all black, rush into the room and demand money with guns drawn.

"If we didn't cooperate with them, they were definitely going to hurt us."

Goria told 6 News, one man stepped behind the counter and demanded he give him all the money in the register.

"He grabbed my jacket and he told me open this drawer."

The other fired two rounds, one nearly striking Goria’s co-worker.

"He's bent over here like this and immediately the other guy fired a shot. It was three or four inches from his head."

Goria says the entire incident lasted less than two minutes, and ended with the two suspects getting away in what Goria calls a "coffee-colored" Honda Civic.

A situation, Goria says, he thought he was escaping when he moved to Omaha from Chicago just a week ago.

"Last night I couldn't sleep well because I was thinking about the same thing, so it was a pretty bad experience."

Police believe the suspects are also linked to an attempted robbery, Wednesday afternoon.

Officers were called to PayDay Express near 39th St. and Dodge St. where a suspect reportedly entered the building, pointed a gun, and demanded money.

Police are searching for both suspects.