Mosquito threat spikes in all that standing water

Mosquito season is in full swing and with standing water left around from the heartland flood, experts say they've already seen an increase in the bug count.

Three Rivers Public Health Department has a battle plan. Experts are putting out traps in areas like parks and golf courses - places that are shaded with standing water. The numbers aren't out yet but they say they can physically see the difference.

Amy Roberts collected five traps around Dodge County Thursday morning. Hundreds of mosquitos were trapped just overnight.

“We're expecting that we'll have more mosquitos this year with all the standing water around,” she said.

Roberts said the traps are placed in the same locations every year but this year is a little different since some of those locations were affected by the March floodwaters.

“We're interested to see how the flooding might affect the traps we do already have.”

Sara Shadle was enjoying some leisure time at Fremont Lakes State Park Thursday and gave us her perspective. “For about five seconds you're okay,” she said. “And then a lot of swatting.”

She said it’s a rough year battling the bug thuggery.

“It's been pretty bad. They've been mobbing us pretty much every time we walk out the door. We end up spraying our lawn to keep them down. That's the only way we can spend some time outside.”

Back at the Health Department, mosquitos will be packed and shipped to Lincoln to be counted and tested.

Roberts said, “By trapping mosquitos we’re able to see if West Nile virus is in our communities or in Dodge County.”

We checked in with other counties to see how they're doing. They say they've also started trapping this week.

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