Misspelled Lincoln street sign to be replaced

The Tuscon Dr. sign will be replaced with a Tucson Dr. sign after a citizen reported the misspelling. (Source: Google Maps)
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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A misspelled Lincoln street sign in Lincoln will finally be replaced.

A citizen reported the misspelling of Tuscon Dr. between S. 38th and 39th Street near the Pine Lake Heights apartments.

The correct spelling of the street should have been Tucson Dr. (like the city in Arizona).

LTU-Traffic Engineering said the existing sign is older and is up for replacement, so there is no additional cost to the City to replace the street name sign. Also, no addresses will be affected. The street in question is very short and only adjoins four residences.

Lincoln City Council approved the renaming and replacement sign in their February 10th meeting.

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