Missouri Valley traffic may see a solution for the future

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 4:56 PM CDT
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A solution to Missouri Valley traffic may be underway, although the project will take some time to get up and running.

For years, people like Minnie Fisher, have been concerned about the amount of traffic on the town’s main street.

Highway 30 turns into Erie Street, which is the town’s main street, this attracts a lot of traffic and semi-trucks.

“We have a lot of historical buildings outside and have been here for almost 150 years now, and they’re starting to crumble because of the excess semi traffic that goes through and the heavy truck traffic that goes through downtown via Highway 30,” said Fisher.

According to Fisher, the traffic is keeping customers away from businesses like hers, on the street.

Tonia Copeland is a reporter for the Missouri Valley Times and she’s been following this by-pass issue.

Copeland believes that progress has been made but the by-pass is a few years away. Officials have identified two routes both south of the town’s main street. She believes the by-pass would better serve semi traffic that now moves through town.

“The amount of truck traffic going through the middle of our town is astronomical, it’s a danger to our citizens as they’re parking along Erie Street,” said Copeland.

People who live in the town believe Missouri Valley could have a small-town feel if they could get all the truck traffic of the town’s main street.

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