Mills county family evacuates for third time this year

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - A potential third round of flooding is threatening Mills county, Iowa. Paula Guastello isn't taking any chances and left her home for the third time this year.

For her and her husband, it's become such a well-rehearsed routine she didn't bother to tell family or friends.

"I just don't feel like dealing with people's reactions when they're so surprised when I'm leaving and I don't want to deal with people being worried because I know what I have to do at this point. It's annoying and I'm tired. This is just kind of our life," Guastello said.

Guastello and her husband have the move down to a science.

"I've just been making step by step, slowly getting stuff moved, figuring out where the animals are going to go. Stuff like that," Guastello said.

The difference this time is a week ago her husband was deployed to Japan. This time, she's on her own.

"So that was pretty scary to hear at first. I think the Saturday before he left we went and got 60 bails of hay. My first thought was we have to get all the animals and hay out of here," Guastello said.

The past week has been packing and getting ready to move horses, a dog, and multiple cats.

"This is just kind of our life now. Always checking the river levels...having a plan," Guastello said.

She's spent about six weeks in her new home since March and she doesn't want to be there much longer.

"No one really seems to know what that levee can hold so I decided last week to just plan on leaving," Guastello said,

Right now she and her husband are trying to figure out the best way to stay financially smart and leave the house they bought a year ago.