HEARTLAND FLOOD: Mills County leaders pass motion for who receives buyouts

Mills County Leaders meet to discuss buyout options and how to protect their county.

MILLS COUNTY, Iowa (WOWT)-- Local leaders in Mills County met Tuesday to discuss the best way to keep the county on its feet while also protecting the victims at the same time.

Officials estimate the county would lose at least a quarter of a million dollars in tax revenue each year if everyone who wants FEMA buyouts gets one.

Right now there are 90 property owners signed up to be included in the county's application for FEMA buyouts.

Tuesday, supervisors approved an area where about half the property owners signed up will automatically be put on the county's buyout application.

It runs from the Pottawattamie County line west of 180th Street, down to Lambert Avenue. Then, from Lambert Avenue west of Interstate 29 down to the Fremont County line.

Supervisor Carol Vinton says it's a difficult balance trying to make sure both flood victims and the county get what they need.

"And that's what's scary, we're going to be losing at least a quarter of a million dollars of the tax base and that's huge, we've for to come up with something to start replacing that," said Vinton.

Once the property is bought out the county takes ownership and it cannot rebuild on the land. This restricts its options for generating any type of revenue.

Local leaders want to emphasize that just because your property doesn't land in this designated area does not mean you won't be put on the application for a buyout. They simply want to have a discussion with those people to see if theres an alternative to the buyout.