Millard North students will be greeted by a construction zone on first day of class

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Students and parents attending Millard North High School will be welcomed by a construction zone around the building when classes start on Monday, as work continues on the West Farm development in the area.

The school is surrounded by an active construction zone, and parents and students will have to navigate the cones and barriers. Some Millard North students are predicting delays.

"It's annoying to start to just drive somewhere. It takes a long time. You have to sit, especially when it's one lane," said senior Zach Krausman.

Parents are also concerned.

"Most of the cars that are in the parking lot are cars that are driven by students. You have all these students who are coming and leaving at the same time, and as challenging as this is, none of them are very experienced drivers. It's a challenge in that way as well," said Michael Krausman.

Millard North officials teamed up with the developer and Omaha police to create a plan to get students in and out of the school safely.

"What we have are two sketches here showing the Millard North campus and then Pacific Street's pedestrian way. We have a full access location here, right in right out the new intersection and new applied parkway that Jay referenced, and a brand new roadway that comes to the north of the Millard North campus," explained project engineer Joe Oetkwen.

Officials said the goal is to keep everyone safe. They said traffic around the school will move much better than it did last spring.

Officials hope to complete work around the high school by the end of October.

The district will provide continuing communication with parents and students on the Millard Public Schools website.