Metro weathering the polar plunge

Published: Jan. 30, 2019 at 1:35 PM CST
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Some of the worst conditions in the metro from this cold blast scraped across the landscape early Wednesday morning.

The temperature fell to 14-degrees-below-zero at Eppley airfield before the sun rose and the wind chill made things even worse.

By the morning drive, the West Dodge Expressway looked a lot less busy than normal.

With a host of schools and businesses closed around the metro for the dangerous conditions the major roads were wide open.

But not everyone could hunker down indoors.

Omaha Fire Battalion Chief Scott Fitzpatrick said, "The biggest things that we're looking for, obviously, we're looking at the weather, we're looking at the wind chill so we know how fast we need to rotate crews in and out of fires."

The Omaha Fire Department says it was well prepared for the brutal conditions.

First responders would be out as needed, making more frequent rotations and wearing the proper clothing to deal with the difficult conditions.