Metro residents concerned about third round of flooding

 (WOWT file photo)
(WOWT file photo) (WOWT)
Published: Sep. 17, 2019 at 10:35 AM CDT
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River levels along the Missouri are rising. This is the third round of flooding we’ve seen since March and residents are concerned for what’s next.

"To know that it's going to happen again, it's really concerning, it's heartbreaking,” says John Jeanetta, a concerned resident.

Along the Missouri River, the water rises, and the forecast has it rising another foot by the end of the day.

Avid walkers and joggers say they are seeing the difference.

"Water has come up to almost underneath the bridge past the supports and it's starting to cover the bottom half of Rivers Edge Park,” says Tim Watts, another concerned resident.

John Jeanetta spent part of the morning jogging near the river. He knows all too well the toll the heartland flood has already had on the region. He works for Heartland Family Services, where he has been helping people impacted by the flooding this year.

"How much of this can we take, right? Especially the people who live in the areas who are impacted by the flood, our interstate system, transportation, it's just, farming, it's kind of overwhelming," says Jeanetta.

The thought of another round is bringing back memories of another historic flood.

"We’ve been affected as much with this as we were in 2011. 2011 lasted longer but this is more rapid,” says Watts.

Some say they've seen flooding drastically change the riverfront over the past couple of decades. Now-- they're worried about what's happening to a space that so many use.

“We've invested a lot of money in the riverfront on both sides of the river, Iowa, and Nebraska, and so is that a smart thing to do? Is this going to keep happening? How do we plan around it?” says Jeanetta.

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